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The TCARC Board of Directors will meet on February 12 at 1800 hours, just prior to the regular TCARC/ARES Activity.  The meeting venue is the 4-H Office at the TC Fairgrounds in Hayfork.

Board Agenda:

TCARC Board Meeting Agenda

February 12, 2020

1800 – 1830

Pres. Steve Fritch (N4SMF)

V.P. Karl Fisher (KJ6OCL)

Sec. Robert Jackson (KB6YTD)

Treas. Erik Anderson (KK6RKY)


  1. Call to Order
  2. Opening Statement
  3. Approval of Minutes from last board meeting
  4. Financial Report
  5. Repeater Reports
  6. Old business:
    Complete the draft By-laws, or develop a plan to do so.
    B. Develop a plan to increase membership and attract new HAMs.
  7. New Business:
    Set the TCARC Calendar for 2020.


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