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    Just got General license. Live in Hayfork. Would like some recommendations on what kind of rig to buy: probably a hand-held. On line have looked at, in no order of preference: Kenwood TH-F6A; ICOM: ID- 51A; YAESU: VX-8DR or 6DR;or FT2DR; or something real cheap, to start out with: Baofeng: UV 5RA ($29); UV82 X ($50); BF-F9V2 ($65).
    Appreciate any feedback, on any of these, or other options. I am an old timer, at 79, so i need something simple to read, and understand, and would be interested in emergency/safety type of ham services. Thank you

    • I am also in Hayfork (since 2006). I hope you will make our August TCARC meeting (Aug, 12 @ 1800). I just got my General Class a few months ago. To answer your question, I purchased a Yaesu FT-60R in 2011 after I got my Technician lic. I used that HT as my only radio up till late 2013, and still use it when I am away from my other radios. It is built like a rock, and has never given my any problems. It is relatively easy to use. If I needed to buy another dual band HT, I would buy the same model. It is certainly more expensive than the Baofeng, but the quality and dependability are worth the extra $. Hope to see you at our meeting in Aug.
      We will be looking for Hams to operate stations for the Hayfork Century bike ride on September 12. We (TCARC) provide communications for the 126 miles of the ride route. It’s a fun day and we not only get to practice our ARES skills, we get ARES credits for club for the hours put in. 73, Karl (KJ6OCL) I’m an old timer also, on 2 years younger that you, but I try not to let that get in my way. Also, as soon as you get your radio, check in on our Wednesday night nets (1930 hrs at 146.730).

  2. Oh, Hi Karl:
    Its 5:30 am, Wed. August 19, and I just got back on this site, to check on meeting dates, etc. So sorry I missed your comments and suggestions, back when you wrote them (July 23), but here’s my reply: Yes, I had planned to go to the Aug. 12 meeting in Hayfork, but we bugged out of town on Aug. 6 to get out of the fires and smoke, and just got back now. (Is there a Sept. 9 meeting in Weaverville)? Re the bike race, Sept. 12, if we are in town, and if the weather permits, I’d like to come. In fact, my son-in-law is in the 100 mile race! (I am interested in ARES type of communications). Not bought a radio yet, but plan to buy this week, online: Its down to either the FT-60R, OR the Kenwood TH-F6A. If you catch this e-mail, in next few days, maybe you can share your thoughts on one over the other, and/or if the Tri-bander (TH-F6A) and other features, are worth the extra, now or in the future?
    Thank you,
    73, Roy (KK6UIE) -no rig – not on air yet!

  3. i visit my dad in douglas city once in a while, jerry borden, and would like to attend one of your meetings next time im down that way. im from lewiston but moved to north idaho in 01. my wife and i are both hams, KG7BLG and KG7BLH. we are members of the three rivers ARC here in town and im a member of idaho state ARES.

  4. By now most everyone is aware of the negative impact CVC 23123.5 has on any and all mobile communications activity.

    A group of us identifying as the Bay Area Radio Associates, are working our way through options and direct contact with the Assembly to get this corrected. We have the opportunity/have been asked to solicit supporting statements of non-risk relative to mobile radio use from public safety officials.

    We can provide a document that may serve as discussion points or direct survey of your served agencies, those who will be most affected by this prohibition of mobile communications at any time – emergency or not.

    This should be an urgent concern of the public, of anyone using two-way radio of any kind – CB, GMRS, business, amateur, and creates a significant gap, effectively ‘blinding’ served agencies from timely and essential situation awareness.

    The urgency is real with the present weather and flood risks and present damage. The urgency is real to come with fire season. The urgency is ever present should an earthquake or other event deprive to public of infrastructure, leaving public safety ‘blind’ because mobile communications is prohibited. We have had active public service communications recently, and they are ever present in an at-ready status daily. The unintended consequences are immediate, material, and significant.

    Beyond this we are working on specific citizen petitions to appropriate Assembly members. We have a lot of ground to cover and few legal/political options.

    Your help and support would be appreciated.

    Even if we cannot get direct named statements from public safety, we’d like to collect off-record anecdotal statements about this.

    de Jim Aspinwall, No1PC


  5. I lived in Lewiston for years and would like to join into your nets from up here in Idaho.
    Do you have an echolink repeaters?
    Thanks alot.

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