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The January 2019 Activity will be held on January 9, 1830 hrs at the TCOE conference room.  (Trinity County Office of Education, 201 Memorial Drive, Weaverville, CA).   As you know, the world of Amateur Radio has been increasingly using more “digital modes” in every day normal radio communications.   These “digital modes” are especially being used by our ARES “served partners”.  This Activity will be a “hands-on” activity that will get us started on the road to the digital world.   We will start with learning how to interface our radios to our computers.  Once we have that accomplished, we will learn how to install and use Winlink on our computers.  Yes, there are a number of different modes available for use.  Winlink is selected for this Activity because it is the “digital mode” of choice for both the American Red Cross and National and Regional ARES.  This will be a fun Activity, and we look forward to sharing with all of you.   Our Members will receive an email invitation for this Activity with more information.


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