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The TCARC / ARES March Activity will be held on March, 13 at 1830 hrs.   The location of this Activity  is the TC Office of Education in Weaverville.   This Activity will be a continuation of the January Activity, “Hands on Digital Modes” including both equipment connections, digital programs and receiving and sending digital messages.  You are encouraged to bring your radio and computer, etc., to work on or you may also use the equipment that others will bring to the Activity.   Additionally, there will be further discussion on the placement (throughout under-served areas of TC), installation requirements and use of 15 +/- new TM-V71 transceivers that are being purchased for TCARC/ARES AuxCom use.  There may also be funds for and additional TCARC repeater and possibly repeater linking and hopefully an HF rig for the EOC.  Your input is needed!  Looking forward to seeing you there!  This was supposed to be the February Activity, however the February Activity had to be canceled at the last minute due to weather and a number of members that were unable to attend for other reasons.


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